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Case Study 1: Healthcare supplier


A national supplier of healthcare with 40 residential establishments had decided to address the subject of catering supply. Whilst the core activity was healthcare, catering was identified as a major cost to the business and one that should be given a greater level of control. Having undergone cost analysis it was decided that the correct distribution route would be “contract distribution”.


The challenge was to introduce 40 units to a more controlled and cost effective food distribution system. The existing supplier base was one of wholesalers who had formed very close relationships with the operating personnel. Firstly, area reresentatives were appointed from senior chefs and catering managers to make up a working party. The initial task was to compile a product list for the contract distributor.

Initial statistics showed that the group had used in excess of 7000 lines from wholesalers over a 12 month period. Clearly , this was running at an uncontrollably high and so was distilled into 1100 lines. Food under Focus then calculated volumes for each individual line on the reduced list for use by the incoming distributor.

Presentations were held for all operational staff and Food under Focus compiled bespoke ordering forms to help with the operational implementation. Delivery restrictions and time windows were also addressed.


After the first week of operation an order conversion rate of 95% was achieved combined with a high degree of contract compliance.


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