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Case Study 1: Healthcare supplier

Case Study 2: Ingredients supplier

Case Study 3:
Hotel chain

Client Examples - Introduction

Food Under Focus works with a wide variety of companies and organisations throughout the whole of the foodservice supply chain.

In this capacity, we have been able to bring our experience to bear to straighten out issues which otherwise would have hampered an organisation's ability to make the best of their resources and develop to their full potential. To help to demonstrate where we can add most value, you will be able to examine here some examples from previous work that we have carried out.

The list will be added to on a regular basis so please check back for additional client examples.

Case Study 1: Healthcare Supplier
A national supplier of healthcare with 40 residential establishments needed to address the subject of catering supply.

Case Study 2: Ingredients Supplier
A national ingredients company was looking to break into the Foodservice market and help reduce the impact of seasonal fluctuations.

Case Study 3: Hotel Chain
A national chain of budget hotels wanted to change their food offering to make it more attractive to their chosen target market.

For details of the other services that we provide or an initial analysis of your own business as to where you could achieve costs savings or major operational improvements, then contact us by filling in the Contact Form and let us help you move your business to the next phase of growth.


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