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What do we do?

Food under Focus was formed to coordinate activities within the food supply chain starting from manufacturer & supplier to end user preparation. Only by considering the chain in its entirety are efficiencies & cost reductions realised.

How do we do it?

Food under Focus is unique in its approach to the topic. Most functions only focus on one particular link of the supply chain. Food under Focus will review any link where savings and efficiencies can be demonstrated. Food under Focus employs operational experience in order to help a client convert identified opportunities into bankable assets.

We realised long ago that writing a report does not ensure success. It is the implementation of operational recommendations that is the key. Food under Focus is a company that has practical skills and client support in the facilitation of change is a major part of the service offered.

The activities that we are involved in are not things that happen every week, month or year. They may be projects that happen every 3 years (the change of a distribution contract from one supplier to another for example). In practical terms it is unlikely that a company will have the in-house expertise to handle some of the projects we specialise in as they happen so infrequently. It is of course of immense operational importance to change with as little disruption as possible. Food under Focus can give practical help in facilitating the change.

We pride ourselves on the consolidation and follow through of our projects. It’s only then that promised benefits & cost savings are achieved.


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