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Description of Service

An analysis of the existing situation is the primary step and would include a review of current suppliers. Benchmarking and cost comparison will be performed in conjunction with the scrutiny of product standard and supplier service levels.

Overview of Process

The client's bought ledger is analysed initially to identify key suppliers. Purchasing statistics are then obtained from suppliers. It is understood that not all suppliers will be able to supply computer driven invoices and if that is the case then historical hard copy invoices are obtained & consolidated into a statistical profile. Once this has been done and true product costs have been established this will be compared with the level of service given by the supplier in order to calculate average delivery values and hence the most likely distribution method whether wholesale, chill chain or contract distribution.

Benefits / Results

True cash savings are identified. By default the number of suppliers existing on a bought ledger system is reduced with subsequent cost savings & formal supplier relationships are initiated.

Who would benefit

Any company which requires an objective analysis of their operations, but in particular companies which are growing and realise that they operate on a bigger scale than they did some years before. A growing company will need to take stock and to initiate disciplines in order to continue to grow larger, as there is a point when a certain critical mass is achieved and change becomes essential in order to for the growth to continue.


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