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Product Development and Introduction

Description of Service

The development of a product targeted at the Hospitality and Foodservice Market

Overview of Process

  • Review of existing portfolio of products
  • Gap analysis is performed to identify opportunities
  • Product development is cross referenced against seasonal demand, customer price, packaging and taste to establish a product profile
  • Specific target customers are identified
  • Sales literature is reviewed to ensure that it appeals to the Foodservice and Hospitality market
  • As an option, a days training course can be held to educate personnel on the workings of the foodservice market.

Benefits / Results

Activity is carefully focussed to ensure efficient use of resources. It is very important that the customer feels that the supplier has strong empathy with them to maintain credibility. In many cases, companies that have a strong presence in the retail market attempt to force fit an existing retail product into the Food Service market, and as a consequence antagonise potential customers.

Who would benefit

Food manufacturers who wish to break into the foodservice market or those that wish to achieve a greater presence within this market sector.


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