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Product Lists

Description of Service

The compilation of product lists in order to lever the greatest discounts and rebates.

Overview of Process

As a food supply chain is changed cost saving opportunities will present themselves. The process consists of two distinct steps:

  • The distillation of numerous products from numerous suppliers to form a rationalised list avoiding products that perform the same function.
  • Once the product list has been formed it will be cross-referenced with manufacturers in order to ensure that the required critical mass is achieved with selected companies to maximise rebates and discounts.

Benefits / Results

By altering the sales mix greater volume cash rebates are achieved. By nominating specific product lines, control can be gained on brand standards as well as prices, which is turn will help by improving margins.

Who would benefit

Any group of operating units that would like to gain greater control of standards & improve rebate income. This does not just apply to overtly branded operations but members of a chain with different menus but similar core values.


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