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Supply Chain Options

There are some problems which are as common within the foodservice supply chain as they are costly to the companies involved. Food under Focus is experienced in many of these areas and can bring this experience to bear to achieve the following results.

Ensure that food promotions are a success

We can help to achieve this by making certain that they start according to the schedule and then monitor the volumes achieved and compliance. We also work with our clients to ensure that stock is available to meet the demand generated - there is nothing more frustrating than a successful campaign which generates orders which cannot be fulfilled.

Ensure that brand integrity is guaranteed

We can achieve this through the skilful use of the product list and computer driven systems, thereby ensuring that the correct product is used at the correct time which helps to protect brand integrity and margins.

Help to manage stock

The benefits of this are multiple but include avoiding the unwanted expense of short production runs as well as dead stock penalties.

Help to keep prices in check

We achieve this through the effective use of contracts & service level agreements.

Produce rationalised & concise product lists

These product lists are particularly important for contract distribution by face-to-face discussion with end users. This can only be done by people who understand the commercial constraints of distribution & the needs of the customer.

Managing new menu implementation

We manage new menu implementation by coordinating forecasted product requirements with manufacturers and distributors.

Menu development

We help to develop menus that satisfy the target market and profit needs as well as taking into account operational capabilities.


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